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Everything we do at Burton started in the mountains. From getting the most out of every journey to chasing snow around the globe, we've charged ahead to innovate and change the way people enjoy the outdoors since day one.

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Burton Ripcord Flat Top (Demo)
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Buy the Men's Burton Ripcord Flat Top Snowboard
Blast past the learning curve with the easiest, most progression-friendly board we make.
The men's Burton Ripcord Snowboard is designed to accelerate beginners and intermediates into more advanced riding situations. A directional shape makes easy work of any terrain or snow condition, while the added stability and catch-free feel of Flat Top with Easy Bevel puts you in the pilot's seat. A softer, more playful flex make this an easier-going alternative to other twins, with a performance-oriented ride that gives you more room to grow than you'll get with most entry level boards. The upgrade to The ChannelĀ® gives you the easiest stance setup and adjustments possible with compatibility that works with bindings from all major brands (not just Burton's).
All Mountain Snowboard Beginner and Intermediate Soft and Playful Personality

Flat Top Bend provides stability, balance, and continuous edge control helping the tip and tail kick up for a catch-free and loose riding experience.

5mm taper makes for easy turning, providing the feel and focus of a directional board without anything holding you back.

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